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About us

We are murban Engineering

Our operations are split into two divisions, Murban Inspection Services and Murban Engineering services.


We pick the best talent from the industry and have heavily invested in our developing our staff skills further through regular rigorous external and internal training to keep up with the industry trends.

Our Values

Respect and diversity, ethics and integrity, safety and sustainability are important elements of our values. They are our foundation. But what clearly sets Murban apart from other companies are three core values.

Passion for innovation

Our customer is at the center of all innovation. We encourage innovation not only in products and services but also in processes, human resources, management, and business models. We are constantly looking to renew ourselves through new opportunities and new ways of going forward. We learn and get inspiration from each other. We encourage cross-functional teamwork and act with speed and flexibility. We are always open to new ideas and are not afraid of taking risks. We learn from our failures and share our successes

Customer Obsession

The wants, wishes, and views of our customers guide our every action. We are curious about our customers and continually aim to learn more about them and their needs. We keep our promises. We capture insights about and anticipate our customers’ future needs. We strive to create added value for our customers – in all aspects of our work, ultimately aiming to deliver the best customer experience.

Drive for results

We strive for a visible, measurable and balanced benefit from everything we do. We focus on the essential and aim at simple, informal, lean and direct ways of doing things. We recognize and reward results that contribute to the greater good and the overall strategy.

Locations We Have Worked

From our Head Office in Mombasa, Kenya, We are able to immediately mobilize to any of the above-highlighted countries for inspections and testing. The below data shows our experience in numbers!


Number of Tanks Inspected




NUMBER OF NDT Inspections