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Murban Brings New ACFM Technology to East Africa

We are delighted to announce that Murban has now invested in the ACFM Technology which has been supplied through our technology partner Eddyfi.

Once again we blaze the technology trail in this part of the world. This is consistent in our vision of providing world class solutions to our local clients.

Alternating Current Field Measurement (ACFM®) was borne from the need to detect fatigue cracks with better results than what magnetic particle inspection and conventional eddy current testing systems available in the 1980s offered. Because the depth of these cracks indicates the remaining useful life of critical assets, it is vital to have trustworthy data. Alternating Current Potential Drop (ACPD) was used to measure the depth of fatigue cracking, but the technique wasn’t ideal for underwater applications. ACFM has since proven to be the superior NDT technique for surface crack inspection in topside and offshore installations.

Benefits of Alternating Current Field Measurement:

  • Can be used for base material or welds on ferritic or non-ferritic metals
  • Can be used on hot surfaces and underwater environments
  • Provides both depth and length information
    Accurate sizing of defects up to 25mm in depth
  • Minimal surface preparation and can be applied over paint and other coatings
  • Can be used for under water inspection as well as normal inspection

Alternating Current Field Measurement is used for:

  • Detection and sizing of fatigue cracks
  • Inspection of welds in offshore platforms and rigs
  • Detection of cracks and corrosion in vessels and piping in oil and gas and petrochemical industries

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